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Functional overview

ACME THUNDERSTRUCK is a Four-in-one LED light, the highlight is powerful strobes effect, so it also called “The strongest strobe light”. It is composed of 12 led plates, each zone can be controlled individually, mix with Red / Green / Blue / White colors, to reach the outstanding washing effect. Its beam angle can reach 109°, the highest lighting output is up to 70000lm, and no doubt with 0~100% smooth dimming. The back inserted an OLED screen, let the lighting designer can adjust the fixture accurately in darkness. Plus with IP65 waterproof index,ensure the outdoor performance can be working smoothly. Benefit from 1500W power,the light of THUNDER STRUCK is more clear & bright. With the concealed magnet cover which can be quickly installed and removed, so that the beam angle to be adjustable. No matter beam or wash, you can switch it anytime anywhere. It is really a good partner of large scale performances, such as Concert, Stages play, etc.


  • Light source: 2304pcs RGBW LED
  • Effects:
    12 zones LED plates can be controlled individually, outstanding color mixing effect, adjustable strobe speeds
  • Flicker free management
  • Connected quantity:
    Maximum QTY of DMX connecting mode: 32 sets;
    Maximum QTY of Power supply connecting mode:
    1 set in 120V,60Hz
    2 sets in 230V,50Hz
Light source  
Light Source: 2304pcs RGBW LED
LED life expectancy: 10000 hours
Fixture total lumen output: up to 70000 lm
Optical System and Effects  
Beam Angle: 109°
RGBW colour mixing  
12 zones LED plates can be controlled individually  
High brightness, outstanding washing effect  
High resolution dimmer 0–100%  
Small size, light weight  
With black encapsulation technique, no gaps between the combination  
Its head & bottom with handle, easy for carrying & transporting  
Flexible stands at the bottom, make it can be placed horizontally or even on a certain slope steady; Hung installation also acceptable  
With concealed magnet cover  
IP65 protection rate  
Control and Program  
4-buttons touch panel  
Display: OLED display
Protocols: DMX512, RDM
DMX Protocol modes: 13
Control channels: 4/8/8(16bit)/9/52 Channels
  1/2V/2H/3/4/6V/6H/12 Pixels
Upgrade the firmware via DMX link  
Electrical and Connectors  
Power supply with electronic auto-ranging  
Input voltage range: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 1500 W
Power in/out: IP65 Waterproof Power Connector in/out
Data in/out: 5-pin XLR
Fixture Specification  
Height: 397 mm (15.63")
Width: 123 mm (4.84")
Depth: 623 mm (24.53")
Weight: 16 kg (35.27 lbs)
Work Environment  
Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
Maximum surface temperature: 65°C
Minimum operating temperature: 0°C
CE Compliant  
Horizontally or vertically mounting are available  
Operating position is universal  
2 pairs fast-locked points under the base  
2 x Fast-locked clamps for 50 millimeter truss, install 1 or 2 clamps according to your demands  
Safety cable attachment point  
Factory Configuration  
User Manual  
Power Cable  
Head & bottom with handle  
Flexible stands at the bottom  
With concealed magnet cover  
2 x Fast-locked clamps for 50 millimeter truss  
Optional Accessories (with item code)  
Flight Case: 3205001244(4 in 1)
Clamp: 2060001614 (C-250)
Safety cable: 2060001603-A (SW-05)

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