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IL-2420 II


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IL-2420 II is a powerful and professional DMX-512 console, enabling you to program and control 20 DMX fixtures, each fixture can be up to 24 channels. Built-in 10 movements, 20 presets, 60 banks of 20 scenes, 60 chases, 60 cues, 20 overrides, and 20 centre position, for fast and easy show designing. 24 faders, 20 function buttons, four ratary wheel, and LCD display, you can easily program, edit, and operate the lighting fixtures for the best lighting performance


2 DMX Outputs

484 DMX channels in total, including No.481 channel is for DMX fog,

No.482 channel is for future using, No.483-484 channel is for DMX strobe

With Fixture Library (can be set manually but Max. with 20 fixtures)

Built-in 10 movements. It can adjust Pan/Tilt position, Pan/Tilt range, Fade time or Wait time, Loop

Has 60 programmable chases, each chase has 200 scenes max

1200 programmable scenes in total (60 banks x 20 scenes)

400 programmable presets (20 presets, each preset has 10 colors and 10 gobos)

Control 20 DMX light fixtures, and each fixture is up to 24 channels

Operate 20 Fixture groups simultaneously

24 faders is for controlling 24 DMX channels

60 x CUEs (It can combined many chases together or operate the chases one by one) 

20 x overrides. It can assign one (or more) fixtures to perform special function, like follow spot, during the operation. 20 overrides can be set

20 x Centre Points. It can set each fixture's centre position of the movement; you can set up to 20 centre positions

Stand By mode can be set - 1. For Pan/ Tilt home position 2. For Pan/Tilt centre position 3. Preset position

Can use jog wheel to adjust the audio sensitivity (LCD display will indicate the value)

Can set password.

Lock/Unlock memory. You should input password to clear all memory of controller.

Standard MIDI facility

Lighting Library and software can be downloaded

No. 481 channel can control DMX fog machine

Both DMX (No.483 & 484 channel) and analog strobe control are available

(Via LCD display, people can adjust the speed of analog strobe)

Gooseneck USB LAMP

Front Panel  
80 Character backlit LCD Display for easy programming and navigation  
4 Large Rotary wheel for Pan/Tilt Operation, Menu, and Control  
20 Multi function number buttons  
24 Faders  
Strobe button  
2 remote easy controller(CA-8)  
Compact Flash Drive(Recommend to use 64M or higher)-people  
can update/upgrade the firmware of the controller via internet  
into the SD card  
Gooseneck USB LAMP  
Rear Panel  
2x(3 Pin XLR)DMX Outputs  
Midi-In port©Midi THRU/Bypass port  
RCA Audio Input for Chases, and built-in Mic. for audio trigger  
2x5 Pin XLR connectors for remote controller  
1xstrobe output(0~10V)  
Electrical and Physical  
Power Voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 5W
2MB internal memory  
3.6V 80mA NI-MH battery back up  
19" Rack mountable,6U space  
Dimension: 19.0"x10.4"x3.9" (483x264x100mm)
Weight: 5.3Kg

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